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War — Entering Year Six

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

War — Entering Year Six

“We may have been seduced into something
We might be inclined to regret.” (1)
Is it this war, the last, or earlier?
Sweet Jesus, how soon we forget.

As they piled up their millions dead
To stem the river of tears they shed,
“It’s the war to end all wars,” they said.

“How beautiful are the feet of those
That preach the gospel of peace.” (2)
And heels awry with cloven holes
Of those uncaring for their souls

Let them hear my song of commitment!
Let me touch them with caring notes!
Let them stir with pride to stand by my side
As long as it brings in votes …

In Liberty’s name we slaughter and maim,
Our banners of hate unfurled:
With our dear God willing we’ll keep up the killing
Till Democracy’s saved the world.

What have they done, our youngsters?
Scared us by asking why?
Do we think we can cope with their beauty and hope
By sending them off to die?

— Christine San Jose

(1) British general, on the Iraq war.
(2) Handel’s “Messiah”