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Quotes from the Lilac Book of Peace

Monday, March 24th, 2008

“Wars are inevitable…as long as we believe that wars are inevitable. The moment we don’t believe it anymore, is is not inevitable.”
Lydia Sicher

Lydia Sicher was a physician in the Austrian army. After WWI she became a peace activist.

Peace to Mother Earth

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Yes, Mother Earth provided us with energy sources from fossil fuels. Pools of oil, volumes of natural gas, and large coal beds are located all around the world and even under the floor of the sea. Many are easily accessible and, it may be argued, were meant for us to use as energy resources.

Others are scattered in small pockets or are in glorious national parks, ecologically fragile ecosystems, or important historical sites. We must not fracture the bedrock of the earth to get at gas deposits. We must not drill for oil along seacoasts where birds and mammals breed. We must not bulldoze the tops of mountains to get at the coal.

A wider view, however, sees that there are other energy resources that are even more accessible — wind, tides, waves, and the direct radient energy of the sun. Tapping these energy pools is relatively non-violent. As well, the total amount of energy they can provide is more than we will ever need. It’s time to substitute the clean renewables for the CONG group (coal, oil, nuclear, gas). We can start right now with a moratorium on new coal fired plants, followed by abandonment of existing ones as we bring new non-polluting energy on line.

Peace to Mother Earth.